nova-Institut GmbH
Chemiepark Knapsack
Industriestraße 300
50354 Hürth, Germany

Tel. +492233-48-14 40 (Office)
Fax +492233-48-14 50

Reaching the nova-Institut by car:

During the rush hour the highway A1 can be recommended for approach, take slip road Knapsack; the cross-town link (B 265) in Hürth is often overstrained.
For programming your route guidance system please use the street number of the well signposted “Feierabendhaus“: Industriestraße 249, from there on to the “Verwaltungsgebäude” (administration building). Don't forgett your passport / your driving license for the registration.

Reaching the nova-Institut by public transport:

You can take the Regionalbahn (RB) from central station Cologne to Hürth-Kalscheuren. The journey time is about 12 minutes (website:

You need a taxi to travel to the nova-Institut. The price of a taxi is about 10 € and usually a taxi is waiting at the station in Kalscheuren. The journey takes 15 minutes.

Telephone numbers of private taxi companies:

Taxi Statz
Taxi Mund
Taxi Ruf in Hürth
+49 (0) 2233-44 444
+49 (0) 2233-33 333
+49 (0) 2233-76 666

Route planner

Chemiepark Knapsack